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Technology and the Taxonomist: Revolutionary Replacement?

“Basically, my job is to put people like you out of work!” This declaration came from the mouth of a scientist who develops methods for environmental monitoring at a recent saki-fuelled sushi feast with researcher friends. By ‘people like you’, … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Silent Flight: What Owl Feathers Can Teach Engineers

In the wee hours of a warm dark summer night, a couple is walking arm-in-arm down the middle of a silent street lined by darkened houses. The sound of their footsteps startles a jackrabbit from its gourmet flowerbed repast and … Continue reading

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Non-Human Hitchhikers

Last month, a great headline on BBC caught my eye – The hitchhiking snakes of the Caribbean. The piece lives up to the eye catching title: it is a new and somewhat unexpected twist on an old story. Boa constrictors … Continue reading

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Interspecies Sex is Behind The Gender Gradient in Mosses

This post is the latest in a recurring series called the Difference Between Boys and Girls, which talks about gender inequality and the battle of the sexes in biology. Gender isn’t a simple affair in mosses – sexual systems are … Continue reading

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Scurvy: Brought to You By Evolution

This entry is part of a recurring series called Use It Or Lose It that looks at those things that didn’t make the evolutionary cut and have been lost in modern species. “…the first sign is an inflamed, swollen condition … Continue reading

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Roll Credits: Determining Scientific Authorship

A couple of weeks ago, a fruitfly genomics paper was published that created a commotion that has been rippling through the biology community. Not because of a cutting edge method, or a paradigm shifting discovery, but because of an author … Continue reading

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Ingoldian Fungi: Floating Spores, Fantastic Ecology

Spring rains have painted the Oslo area verdant shades of green, but have turned my runs on narrow winding dirt trails through the woods into mud spattered gymnastic antics on the slick rocks and roots. Every little creek, stream, and … Continue reading

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