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Perfect Patterns: Science in Autumn Leaves

The bliss of crisp air, golden light, and the deeply satisfying scuffling of shoes through piles of dry leaves is what makes autumn my favourite season. The fall leaves are especially fascinating to me. A few cold nights can make … Continue reading

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Men With Style – Nuptial Colouration in Fish

This post is the latest in a recurring series called the Difference Between Boys and Girls, which talks about gender inequality and the battle of the sexes in biology. Humans aren’t the only creatures that try to look their best … Continue reading

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Breakfast Physics

Scientific curiosity can stem from the strangest of places. Sometimes you observe a natural phenomenon that inspires you, or notice some detail, a plant or animal you’ve never seen before, or sometimes it stems from an empty grocery store shelf … Continue reading

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Screaming “Don’t Eat Me!”

This summer, I was hiking in the Norwegian mountains and experienced a phenomenon known as smågnagerår or ‘little gnawing animal year’. It occurs when a particularly mild winter and plentiful summer create the perfect conditions for a boom in the … Continue reading

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