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Flower Power: The Physics of Pollination

The BioPhiles Blog has been quiet these days and I’m only just now starting to emerge from under a mountain of teaching work, grant proposals, and funding reports. But last month, BioPhiles made a guest appearance at GotScience.org, with an … Continue reading

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but it is still evidenced by the discounted chocolate and wilting roses in the shop windows, and the childhood rhyme “Roses are red, violets are blue…” that is echoing incessantly in my head. The repeated … Continue reading

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Mistletoe Magic

T’is the season here at the BioPhiles and this week’s species extraordinaire is the European Mistletoe of Christmas carol fame, Viscum album. Its dark green foliage and shiny white berries make it perfect for decking the halls and creating holiday … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Outsourcing – Using Symbionts as Vitamin Factories

This entry is part of a recurring series called Use It Or Lose It that looks at those things that didn’t make the evolutionary cut and have been lost in modern species. ‘Eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyesight’ … Continue reading

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Garden of Deceit

It’s an idyllic summer scene in the Canadian Rockies: silent snow-capped peaks watching over bumblebees haphazardly buzzing to and fro over an alpine meadow strewn with bright yellow buttercups. A closer look at this garden of golden blossoms reveals imposters … Continue reading

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Full-on Fulmar Invasion

The fjord is glassy, an impossible shade of blue-green, reflecting mountains and puffy clouds back at a blue arctic sky. I am on an arctic research expedition in the Svalbard archipelago, and our zodiac is tracing a rapidly disappearing white … Continue reading

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Interspecies Sex is Behind The Gender Gradient in Mosses

This post is the latest in a recurring series called the Difference Between Boys and Girls, which talks about gender inequality and the battle of the sexes in biology. Gender isn’t a simple affair in mosses – sexual systems are … Continue reading

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