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Garden of Deceit

It’s an idyllic summer scene in the Canadian Rockies: silent snow-capped peaks watching over bumblebees haphazardly buzzing to and fro over an alpine meadow strewn with bright yellow buttercups. A closer look at this garden of golden blossoms reveals imposters … Continue reading

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Microscopic Perfumers – Microorganisms Impact Floral Scents

The scent of a flower is a complex chemical cocktail that can include more than fifty different chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are produced in varying amounts by the plant. The combination of different compounds in varying amounts … Continue reading

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Ingoldian Fungi: Floating Spores, Fantastic Ecology

Spring rains have painted the Oslo area verdant shades of green, but have turned my runs on narrow winding dirt trails through the woods into mud spattered gymnastic antics on the slick rocks and roots. Every little creek, stream, and … Continue reading

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Drawing the Line: How do Fungi Stake Out Their Territory?

Hostile meetings are a daily reality in nature, both between individuals of the same species and different species. Whether it is giraffes battering each other with their necks to determine who gets the choice spot among the trees, or dolphins … Continue reading

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Species Lag Time

Of all of the species that exist in the world’s oceans, forests, streams, and soils, scientists have managed to describe only a small fraction. In the case of charismatic megafauna with the wide eyes and fur that everyone loves, scientists … Continue reading

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Anther Smut Disease Causes Transgender Transformations

This post is the latest in a recurring series called the Difference Between Boys and Girls, which talks about gender inequality and the battle of the sexes in biology. A group of students in an arctic biology class are lying … Continue reading

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White Nose Syndrome Look Alike

Over the last decade, an emerging fungal disease, White Nose Syndrome (WNS), has been decimating North American bats, including several endangered species. Mortality rates of affected bat colonies are in excess of 90%, and some 6 million bats are estimated … Continue reading

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