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Lupine Invasions

Roadsides, ditches, and railway lines in Norway are awash with colour right now.  The lupines are in bloom, and the dense swathes of purple, pink, and white blossoms stacked into perfect pillars brighten the countryside. I love the vibrant colours, … Continue reading

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Planning the Perfect Alien Invasion

It sounds like a conspiracy theory: there are invaders all over the world, lurking in plain sight. The thought of it immediately calls to mind fantastical Dr. Who-worthy plots where little green martian men wear the skins of humans and … Continue reading

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Non-Human Hitchhikers

Last month, a great headline on BBC caught my eye – The hitchhiking snakes of the Caribbean. The piece lives up to the eye catching title: it is a new and somewhat unexpected twist on an old story. Boa constrictors … Continue reading

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Off With His Head

Unable to help himself, a sturdy labourer turns towards a waft of fresh air and staggers towards the light beckoning from the end of a tunnel. Once outside in the sunshine, he wanders aimlessly, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings, making … Continue reading

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